Spijkenisse is situated near Rotterdam. Apart from the marathon there are various other distances. 

All distances start earlier than last year.


Start time

Entrance fee

Entrance fee 
on the day of the marathon


10:30 AM € 22.00 € 30.00

half marathon

11:00 AM € 13.00 € 18.00


11:15 AM € 8.00 € 12.00


11:15 AM € 6.00

€ 8.00


  • there are enough shower en changing facilities
  • first aid helpers will be present
  • each participant will receive a medal
  • the half marathon has a time limit of 2.5 hours.
  • The tracks of the half marathon and the marathon are IAAF certificated.
  • wheelers can not participate
  • the minimum age to partcipate is 10 years, 12 years, 16 years and 18 years for the 5k, 10k half marathon and marathon respectively
  • total amount of prize money is max. € 3000, divided between the distances and categories.
  • the categories in the marathon are: M, M35+, M40+, M50+, M60+, F, F35+, F40+, F50+, F60+

special information about the marathon:

  • about every 5 km there are water and energy drinks (Isostar lemon) available, at 25 km there are also bananas and from 30km on there is warm tea available.
  • each K is marked
  • after the finish there is energy drink (Isostar lemon), water, beef tea and fruit available
  • the time limit for the marathon is 5 hours.
  • Participation is at your own risk. The minimum age for the marathon is 18 years.
  • You can register here  until 11 December 2017 by using this link: register

The General conditions and the Race regulations are listed at the end of this page.

The entries can be viewed on an updated list of participants.

List of participants

In previous marathons we had participants from Belgium, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Poland, Norway, Finland and from Germany.

Hotel arrangement: especially for the participants of the Spark marathon Spijkenisse two hotels have special offers.
Carlton Oasis offers a double room for € 65 breakfast included. The hotel is situated 2.5 km from the start and has a swimming pool en sports facilities.
Atlas hotel is situated within walking distance from the start and offers a double room for €75 breakfast included. In this hotel you do not have to check out until 5.00 PM. For both arrangements you have to contact the hotel personally and mention the special offer.


Marathon english overzicht